The Story of Bob and Babar

Bob was concerned that his competitor Babar was getting ahead of him and growing faster. He hired a researcher Rachel to figure out what Babar was doing that was giving him an edge. Rachel did her research and after a month reported back to Bob …

Once upon a time in Dallas Texas, there was a merchant named Babar. He was into ecommerce like many of his contemporaries. Across the street from him was Bob and he was also into ecommerce. Both were smart guys and knew the industry. They had good solid ecommerce websites and had good SEO and PPC strategies in place to generate traffic to their websites. Business was good. Bob was noticing though that Babar across the street seemed to be growing faster than him, had hired additional employees and had rented an additional space to house more inventory. He was intrigued. How is Babar outselling him? He can’t be selling any cheaper than him as they both know the suppliers and the cost structures. What is Babar doing that he isn’t! Bob was smart and decided to investigate. He hired a researcher Rachel to figure out what was happening. A month later Rachel had her report ready and scheduled a meeting with Bob. From the look on her face, Bob could sense that Rachel had important news for him. So what’s Babar doing? Bob asked. Well – he is doing everything you are doing. Similar products. Similar prices. Similar traffic strategies. However; he is also going to where the customers are. What do you mean? Bob blurted. Well, he is uploading his products to multiple marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Google Shopping. But they charge a hefty commission and you have to sell at a higher price in order to be profitable. Yes and he is selling at a higher price on marketplaces than his website, replied Rachel. But all marketplaces have different commission structures and you have to price differently for all marketplaces. If you have a few producst you can manage them but he sells thousands of products. That will be a nightmare. It is a nightmare said Rachel but he is using a SaaS tool that makes it easy. What about synchronizing inventory? If he gets an order for a product on eBay but he is sold out, he will get penalized by eBay. Do a few such cancellations and your account will be suspended. Bob understood the industry and the marketplaces. I told you he was smart. What is his secret sauce – how is he managing all this? Bob asked. Well, Rachel said, I have good news. I have uncovered his secret sauce. He is using a SaaS tool called UMP – short for This tool is letting him set up once and then it runs on auto pilot and several times a day, Babar updates his inventory on his own website along with all the marketplaces. He can also set separate prices on all marketplaces. Not only that, if a certain marketplace disallows some products, UMP let’s him block them by keywords, manufacturers, weight, category and many other conditions. Wow! All of that? Yep. Hmmm. That is a lot of stuff to handle. Is that all handled by UMP? Yes – Rachel replied. Must be extremely expensive – asked Bob rhetorically. Not really. It’s not free but for the value it delivers, the cost is nothing. I think you should sign up too and start using it. Rachel suggested. Bob was on already and had started the registration process. How could he let his competitor have an edge over him. Soon like Babar, Bob was also uploading his inventory on multiple marketplaces and levelling the field with his competitor. The more people see your products, the better your chances of making a sale. Good Luck!

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