About Us

We are not a big company but have several business units including one for ecommerce and one for web development. Our ecommerce unit constantly struggled with keeping data synchronized among the various marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and shopping engines like Google Shopping, Shopping.com and others. If somebody bought straight from our website, and we ran out of stock, we sometimes neglected to update eBay and the other marketplaces. Then we would get an order for that item and we couldn’t ship because we were out of stock. This resulted in bad feedback and a lower DSR rating on eBay.

Our ecommerce unit had been asking our web development unit to build them a solution but as you know the cobbler’s son walks barefooted. We had built custom solutions for several clients but not for our self.

As more and more clients started asking us for help in this area, we finally decided to make a SaaS solution https://uploadmyproducts.com (UMP for short). Currently we have gone live uploading to eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping and Shopping.com and are adding more platforms.

It has taken almost a year and a half to develop UMP as there are way too many variables but the results prove that it was very well worth the effort.

Thank You for visiting. We hope you sign up for UMP and help us take your business and UMP to greater heights.

Once you start using it, feel free to send us your suggestions for improvements and additional features to add. That’s how we’ll grow.

Thank You again.


Najee K. Babar