Upload Your Products to Multiple Marketplaces Setup once and let it run

You have products to sell. The more people see your products, the better your chances of making a sale. You know that. It's very cumbersome though and most small businesses can't keep up. If you don't keep your inventory updated on all marketplaces, your feedback takes a hit and you could risk suspension. We know that. We make it easy for you.

You should do what you do best

You have your own ecommerce website with product descriptions and stock status. Your focus should be on keeping that updated

Pull and Push

We Pull your product information and stock levels to UMP and Push them to multiple marketplaces.

Secure Payment processing

When products are sold on the respective marketplaces, funds are transferred straight to your account by the marketplaces. We are not involved.

Shopping Carts

Order details will be sent straight to you from the marketplaces. You can enter them into your shopping cart and process just like you would normally.

53% of our visitors chose ---A---
47% of our visitors chose ---B---

UMP allows you to price differently for different marketplaces.

Your ecommerce platform updates the quantity on hand after a sale is made or when new items are added. You process and ship orders like you normally do. UMP updates the quantities and prices on all your selected marketplaces.

End Result

* Better feedback - happier customers

* Better sales

* Less work

* Greater Profitability